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Join us in welcoming Gatmoon's  client, Dr. Ronald F. McGriff, Sr., who is an exceptional Man of God who provides his readers with fresh insight into questions of old.   Gatmoon Publishing has endeavored to bring Dr. McGriff's voice into print.   Now that you've written, your vision and made it plain, let Gatmoon assist you in getting your voice into print. We're here for you, new authors and/or seasoned authors let Gatmoon Make the difference for you.  Send us an email inquiry today!   

New Releases

Gatmoon Publishing is pleased to introduce you to Dr. Ronald F. McGriff, Sr..  Dr. McGriff is not only a colleague in ministry, he is an accomplished writer.  Dr. McGriff has entrusted Gatmoon Publishing with his compelling work: "Are All Christians Going to Heaven".  Look for this crucial and timely book in any of the venues where books are sold.  
Are All Christians Going to Heaven: Book Trailer: