Write the vision make it plain.  Habakkuk 2:2

​​There are many books that deal with the subject concerning the heart, whether emotional or physical. I have never read a book that covers both aspects in such a sensitive and timely manner. This is a wake up call for those who believe they are immortal. A sure reminder that life is precious. One of my favorite quotes from the book states, “You may not be able to do things the way in which you had done them previously. However, you’re enabled to be something else and do more than you would expect.” What a revelation to know that we are already equipped to do miraculous things! This book is extraordinary. You will touch and change lives through the words you have written. Thank you!

Rhonda Combs, Project P.U.S.H.

"I am so inspired and uplifted by your story.  It’s as if you are right beside me, talking with me and to me.  So touched."  

Maxine Clark